Religion, History and People


Here are a number of religious festivals to be enjoyed here in Arraial D’Ajuda:


  1. ‘Folia de Reis’ - 6th January
  2. ‘Sao Sebastian’ - 20th January.
  3. Festival of sea goddess ‘Iemanja’ - 2nd February
  4. Celebration of ‘Sao Brás’ - 3rd February.


One of the interesting things about Brazil is the diversity of people. We can arrange visitis to reservations of indigenous ‘Pataxos Indians’. The Indians receive tourists in typical dress and painted bodies, and give a presentation of dances and rituals.


Tourists can practice archery, buy hancrafts and eat typical foods such as fish baked in ‘patioba’ (a type of palm leaf).


For history lovers, Arraial D’Ajuda town has the oldest Church in Brazil. There is also a Historical City (Cidade Historica) at the top of a small hill in Porto Seguro, where you can visit important landmarks in Brazilian history.

Religion, History and Peple

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