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Arraial D'Ajuda


The region of Porto Seguro boasts a number of stunning white sanded beaches and bustling, colourful towns. We can organise any trip you decide. There below are a few examples:-


  1. Taipe’, ‘Trancoso’, ‘Espelho’ and ‘Caraiva’, unforgettable and beautiful beaches
  2. Trip to ‘Monte Pascoal
    1. This is first point of land saw by Pedro Álvares Cabral in 1500.
    2. The park was created in 1961 and is one of the biggest reservations in ‘Mata Atlântica’ (preserved atlantic forest).
    3. Its 100 km from Arraial D'Ajuda.
  3. Offshore Yacht and Diving Trips - You choose your journey and destination.


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More Excursions from  Arraial D'Ajuda

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